Monday, 28 March 2011

How Consuming Less Has Dramatically Increased My Freedom

Everywhere we turn, we are told to consume. New gadgets, new clothes and new cars are coming out constantly.

Do you really need to buy all that new stuff to be happy? Is it something you really need or are you just doing it because you don’t know what else to do?

I have to admit. Having the latest gadgets is cool, but I also realize that it is largely unnecessary and something I’m going to grow tired of within a few weeks.

Realizing that I can consume radically small amount and be happy has tremendously increased my freedom, because I no longer have to earn a lot of money to support my spending habits.

I was never a big spender, and I’ve always enjoyed saving. Lately I’ve taken it to an extreme.I don’t eat out, eat meat, buy gadgets or even clothes regularly. I love it.

I value my freedom more than buying stuff, which is why I enjoy living this lifestyle. I don’t have to have a huge income. I can live anywhere and I can take a vacation when I want because of my lifestyle.

I may very well change my lifestyle in the future, but this is how I am living now. Just the realization that I do not have to do what everyone else does is exhilarating.

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